Good Night White Pride Key Ring Chain


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● Acrylic Frame: 52 x 42mm (2” x 1.6”)
● Artwork Insert: 45 x 32mm (1.75” x 1.2”)
● O Ring Diameter: 24mm (1”)
● Double Sided (All artwork shown)
● 300dpi High Quality Print
● Solid Clear Acrylic Case
● Combined Worldwide Shipping
● Shipped within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
● Over 35 designs to choose from!

You are now about to pick yourself up the best quality acrylic keychain money can buy. Your new key ring contains high quality printed artwork in a solid casing ensuring that it will hold up attached to your car keys, house keys or anything else you want to attach it for years!

We get it, We’ve all bought a keyring in the past made of rubber thinking it looked cool, only for the material degrade or fade over time, and the last thing you want to do is throw away more money on a key chain that’s going to look awful over time, or worse, just totally snap off leaving you with no key ring at all!

At Chaos Creations, we spent years getting samples of different key chain components in order and we have the best local printers to make sure we gave you the very best version we can. Our keyrings have been sold on the market for years now and our customers regularly let us know how well they’ve held up over time. At over 40,000 sales between Etsy and our website, as well as over 6,500 five star reviews, it’s clear to see why we are considered to be one of the best alternative merchandise suppliers in the world.

You can now get a selection of topics to fit your desires, and attach them to whatever your heart desires, be that your house keys, car keys or even your boots WITHOUT the fear of the design fading away or completely snapping off altogether!

Now, you can finally get top quality merchandise that you actually want, that doesn’t break the bank, so you can share the message and causes that you care about, whilst looking like the legend that you are whilst doing it!

What have you got to lose! Our keychains and merch are super affordable and once you buy one thing, you’ll come back for more. Don’t believe us? Ask around! We’ve got a massive amount of returning customers who swear by our quality and customer service! We always go the extra mile!

Chaos Creations is all about helping the punk scene, as well as the oppressed people of this world to achieve the feeling of inclusivity, representation and most importantly nourishment and love with our messages of defiance! Feel free to give us a follow on our social media channels and newsletter to get more access to what we do. Our key chains have already been loved by hundreds of people across the globe and you can be a part of that too!


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