Defend Trans Folk Patch


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Defend Trans Folk Punk Patch

Empower and amplify the voices of the trans community with our Defend Trans Folk Punk Patch. This emblem is more than just a design; it’s a statement, a stand, a declaration of allyship. Wearing it sends a clear message: you’re a supporter of trans rights, and you won’t be silenced.


Trans Rights Design

Every patch showcases a striking design that represents the continual fight for equality. Crafted meticulously, it’s a mark of both pride and protest. Because of its screen printed and heat cured quality, it doesn’t just shout, but echoes your support far and wide.


LGBTQ+ Punk Accessory

For those passionate about the queer community and punk aesthetics, this accessory fits seamlessly. More than just a patch, it’s a fusion of defiance, solidarity, and style. Moreover, with over 400 designs available, each patch tells a unique tale of resistance and unity.

  • Sturdy heavyweight cotton drill
  • High-quality ink that endures
  • Simple and easy to sew onto any gear


Stitchable Trans Support

Function meets advocacy. Our patches, while strong and durable, are easy to affix to jackets, bags, or any other fabric. This ensures that wherever you are, your support for trans individuals remains evident. Plus, with global shipping and a promise to dispatch within 24 hours during weekdays, your patch reaches you in no time.


Stand Against Oppression

Finally, remember that every purchase is not just buying a product but making a statement. In a world that often feels divided, wear your patch as a beacon of hope and as a call to arms for equality, unity, and justice.


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