If you are looking for top quality screen printing for t-shirts, look no further than Chaos Creations. With a massive range of options from Baby to Adult, skinny fits, vest, tank tops, baseball tops, hoodies, tote bags, back patches, we’ve something for everyone.

Our standard size of print is just under A3, however up to A2 can be undertaken if required. This will allow you to print on pretty much every adult size of clothing. Tote Bags and Back Patches are also A3 and can be added on to your order. If you would like Tote Bags or Back Patches separately, please see the “Patches” section under the bottom heading “Customs”.

What’s best is that we allow you to mix and match garments, if you so desire, as long as you require 50 items or more to be printed. The only thing not included in the mix and match is non-adult clothing, as they are smaller and would require another screen. If you would only like shirts printed, then the minimum order is 30, and we are able to mix and match the sizes to your preference.

We have a wide range of colour options and can accommodate up to a 4 colour print on a single design.

If we can help you with your screen printing needs, let us know, by e-mailing printing@chaoscreations.scot and letting us know what you have in mind!

All of our screen printing is undertaken using on the finest quality inks, screens and materials. Our screen press is top of the line and every item is cured in our state-of-the-art Panther tunnel dryer to ensure that the ink is cured even and completely. We have the highest of standards when it comes to our printing, and we believe in providing the absolute best for our customers.

Please note that it is your duty to provide artwork that is separated into layers for printing. Depending on the design, however, we may be able to do it for a designer fee. All artwork will be checked before printing and approved by the customer. If there are any mistakes in the design, such as spelling mistakes, Chaos Creations accepts no responsibility and will not refund for the cost of any printing. Any other specifications that you have must also be brought up in the initial conversations before printing has begun, otherwise we are not liable for any issues which arise as a result of non-communicated intentions.