Team Chaos (L-R): Clarkie, Greg, Jess, Steeny.

Chaos Creations was initially established in late 2005. The goal was to open an alternative clothing store in Aberdeen, Scotland, and we began booking gigs in order to raise funds towards the project. In June 2008 this project was realized, sadly the store would only last a year before closing its doors.

In 2016, former owner Greg and former customer Robyn, who were now partners, starting making plans to re-launch Chaos Creations and finally achieved this in 2019. The pair would amicably separate in 2021, with Robyn leaving the company and Greg assuming full control in July 2022.

From there we hired Clarkie, Steeny and Jess to oversee a variation of the day-to-day business, as well as planning for our continued growth and future. We have recently begun the step of branching into the full customization market with our sister company, Custom House of Chaos, which will be fully operational in 2023. What we do at Chaos Creations will forever continue to be our passion and spirit.

Stay Punk, Stay Free
Team Chaos x