Why am I being charged two different prices for shipping on one order?
If you are getting two shipping methods, then it is because you are purchasing something from us and something from our third party supplier. The majority of our items are made in house and, as such, ship from our location in Aberdeen, Scotland. However, we also sell several items (t-shirts for example) which are printed on demand, which is carried out by a third party. This would then ship from the location of that fulfilment centre.

My order is missing an item!
The most likely reason for this is related to the above. It's not that your items are missing, it's that it's in a separate package, but it is on its way! Of course, mistakes do happen, and if you find that you are missing an item from your order, such as you ordered 10 patches and one is missing, e-mail us to teamchaos@chaoscreations.scot, and we'll be happy to take care of it!

My Tracking Number doesn't work.
So Royal Mail automatically issue a unique number to each order, which if tracking is purchased, acts as a tracking number. It also comes through on Etsy as a tracking number, whether tracking has been purchased or not. If you didn't purchase tracking, I'm afraid we've not got any way of checking on it.

If you did purchase tracking however, please e-mail us at teamchaos@chaoscreations.scot with the title "Tracking Not Working", as well as your address and order information, and we will do our very best to assist you as quick as possible.

It's passed the estimated delivery time since my purchase, where's my order?
Although we post our orders within 24 hours, and for international orders they usually leave the UK within 2-3 days, we do see some severe delays in certain countries and areas. This is obviously outwith our control, but infuriates us nonetheless. Should your parcel not have arrived in the designated timeframe, e-mail us at teamchaos@chaoscreations.scot with the title "Overdue Order", your address and your order details.

Additional Notes for US Buyers
We would also like to bring to your attention, if you're a customer in the US, that USPS is under great strain right now due to government underfunding in an attempt to privatise. As a result of this, we are seeing more and more delays, as the USPS simply doesn't have the staff to cover the workload. Certain areas seem to be harder hit as well, for example, Chicago's O'Hare Airport, we have seen parcels leave the UK 2 days after ordering and then sit at the airport sorting station for 6 weeks. If you purchase tracking, then of course you can get a better idea of where your item is, but we're not seeing it being given any sort of priority in the sorting process.

Returned Orders:
In some cases, when an item doesn't make it to you, it's because it has been returned to us. As soon as an item is returned to us, we will notify you straight away. Please note that if the address you supplied us with is incorrect, you will need to pay for re-posting the item. If your address was correct however, and it was still returned to us, once both parties have double-checked the address for any issues, we will re-send the item again. Please note though, if it was the correct address and was still returned, we can only re-send to that address and will not re-send to a different address, unless you re-pay the postage cost.

Customs and Import Taxes:
Customers from European Union member countries are subject to a tax addition which covers the IOSS tax since the United Kingdom has left the EU.

Item damaged in Transit:
If your box arrives damaged, then you must get a note from your mail delivery service noting that it was damaged on arrival. Only then can we make a claim on your behalf to the relevant authorities and get your money back.